Army - Task Force Saphria (Daemonhunters)

These are my Deamonhunter Inquisition forces, and often use the allied forces or the Chapter Approved sheet for Deathwatch with this force. Primarily Stormtrooper/1k pts of IG based, I also have Grand-Master Stern and a nice little Grey Knight Terminator and Power Armored Grey Knight contingent for this army.

Well, with the Advent of Codex: Grey Knights, my old Task Force Saphria has taken a drastic change. For me to be able to do what i did before in the old codex, there's really only one build i can use, and that's the (in)famous Corteaz Rouge Trader style list. I haven't actually drawn up a list yet using the new codex, but my current plan is to use only figures i currently have, which shouldn't be hard to do considering how many Kasrkin models i have who currently do duty as Neophytes in Black Templars lists. I also have the Grand Pappy Yarrik figure(which i plan on hopefully using as an additional inquisitor), and of course, Corteaz himself. This army, however is indefinitely back-burnered, even though I'm thinking i don't really need to buy anything for it.

For the Emperor!