Army - Sword Angels (Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templars)

This army was (and always be) my first love in the 40k universe. Originally started with the 3rd ed BRB, then the 4th ed C:SM, I wasn't quite enthralled. My brother had the 3rd ed MiniC: DA, and one thing that always amazed me about it was the ability to field an army of Terminator Marines, which to me was the holy grail of awesomeness for Space Marines. And hey, Dark Angel fluff was freaking awesome, and was perfect for me, since my brother played primarily from the Space Wolves perspective.
When I picked up the 4th Ed C:DA, I automatically went to playing my dream Deathwing army. The first army i built for it was 3k of Death-Raven, and had some success in playing until I started playing in smaller points-cost battles where I had no punch. Still, I love the Deathwing, and always go back to them every once in a while.