Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm not dead - I swear.

Taste of what's to come

So I've been busy - just barely have had any time for 40k stuff. Just had a chance to sit down today and reproduce some bitz I need for the Kroot project- hopefully within the next couple days I'll know if it was an abject failure or a stunning success - otherwise not much has been going on.

Carnosaur Knarloc project - still very WIP ;)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly update

Only a few things to update today - been a slow week on the hobby front.
Got my first kroot hunting rifle mistky ready for reproduction - just got to wait for an Amazon order to come in for that.

Also had to shuffle models around and recatagorize the squads - rebasecoated so they now are all uniform.
Stalker Kindred 1 - really nice neutral brown works great with a black wash.
Stalker Kindred 2 - the need a wash before I commit to liking this color.
Headhunter Kindred - really happy with how hellish this color looks after a good black wash.
Hunter Kindred - traditional green - looks good with a wash.