Monday, April 24, 2017

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Placeholder post - attempting to get podcast feed running.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Work night!

Just getting some long overdue hobbying done...
Counts-as Trojan - wasn't a big fan of the doofy crane arm so I'm going with a fixed quadpod like the atlas.
Here without the quadpod- the front box will receive another layer of i-beams, then it'll get a roof for the crane to mount on to. I plan on magnetizing the roof assembly so I can use it as a hellhound or a Trojan.
Starting to shave the turret ring of the Russ to make the new roof fit better - so far so good. This particular chassis will be serving triple duty - a thunderer, a destroyer, and a atlas all in one tank. 
Shaving complete
New roof and new engine hatch in place - as of right now, the front cannon mount is glued on - I'm thinking that whole section might get cut off then magnetized so that it looks a little less goofy when it's not serving as a AT tank.
And with the quadpod dry fitted. Decisions decisions.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tonight's project

Magnetized the broadsides - so no I can run them as 2 squads of Missilesides, a squad of railsides, and a railside monat - 2 more railguns, and 2 seeker missiles and I have every option I run.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Kroot and the Tau, Guard etc

This is the Kroot and my tau army they'll be fielded alongside- yes, I know I have a problem. With the new codex, this clocks at just over 15000 points - I only plan on adding a handful of of crisis squads, a handful of breacher squads w/ devilfish, and maybe a few larger suits; otherwise the army is practically done being collected.

Other things I got done yesterday- 
Got all my guard and Kasrkin basecoated - so hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have at least 1 army to TT-standard paint. 
I magnetized up a baneblade chassis I got to be useable as 4 variants of the chassis - all I need to do is get my hands on the shadowsword cannon bitz and I'll be able to run it as every baneblade variant save the stormsword and the stormhammer - I'd need BSI's plasma cannon for the former and 2 more sets of the baneblade sprue sets for that latter.
Today I got these beauties started - a hydra and a salamander for the start of my armored company. Goal is to have both done by the singles RTT this Saturday I'll be attending.

Light update

They all have at least a base coat now - so happy to be at this point.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Mercenary warhost

First, hobby report, then the picture show lol.

So past couple nights I got some conversions completed - a squad of Saurus Kroot and a squad of vulturekin. Unfortunately, my initial attempt at duplicating my custom bitz was met by failure - press molding items that have complex curves is difficult, and I mixed my putty too soft. Setbacks, but I will press on with what I have learned.

Ok, so that's about it, on to the pretty pictures.

Yup, that's my entire Kroot collection - that's what 289 Kroot look like. 

Included in that are:

- 10 squads of 20 Kroot carnivores, each including a shaper (5 squads expertly painted and lightly converted for character by my friend Angel Crespo)
- A squad of 20 carnivores converted from Lizardmen Saurus Warriors, Shaper converted from the Temple Guard from the Carnosaur.
- 2 squads of 10 vulturekin, each with a shaper (Again, one squad of 10 painted and created by Angel - his actually utilized tau fire warrior torso and legs, with greenstuff spacer, making them stand taller then my vulturekin)
My squad, followed by 3 of his
- 15 Forgeworld Knarloc Riders
- 7 Kroot jetbikers, also brought to life by Angel
- 12 Krootoxen
- 9 hounds
- Master Shaper converted from a Broodlord
There in front on the 40mm base
- 3 Angkor Prok models, 2 from Crespo - one to act as my hound herd, one to be Angkor, and one converted to have an evicerator.
- Kroot Shaman, cornverted from the WHFB Dogs of War Dark Emissary 
- Greater Knarloc, converted from a Lizardmen Carnosaur (another item I inherited, this time from my friend Zach Francisco)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm not dead - I swear.

Taste of what's to come

So I've been busy - just barely have had any time for 40k stuff. Just had a chance to sit down today and reproduce some bitz I need for the Kroot project- hopefully within the next couple days I'll know if it was an abject failure or a stunning success - otherwise not much has been going on.

Carnosaur Knarloc project - still very WIP ;)